PDS Air™ Handheld

The PDS Air™ handheld is a surveying tool suitable for rapid, look-see on-line partial discharge (OLPD) screening of large numbers of medium voltage (MV: 3.3–36 kV) assets, with focus on switchgear and cable circuits. 
Designed for OLPD screening of in‑service MV plant, as a precursor to diagnostic OLPD testing, the unit provides the user with an immediate measurement of the partial discharge levels in MV switchgear, power cables and other plant.


  • Incorporates three OLPD sensors: Transient Earth Voltage (TEV), Airborne Acoustic (AA) sensors (for testing switchgear) and a split‑core High Frequency Current Transformer (HFCT) sensor (for testing cable circuits)
  • Optional Accessories include: Indoor Acoustic Search Probe, Outdoor Parabolic Receiver, and PPE Hard Hat Headphones
  • The unit has three easy‑to‑understand, 7‑level colour‑coded PD displays
  • Includes a digital TEV‑dB numerical display


  • Can be used as a safety and security device to ensure that it is safe to work near to MV switchgear
  • Rapid (5 seconds per plant item) OLPD screening for large numbers of MV assets
  • Identifies the source(s) of PD within indoor switchgear to guide further diagnostic OLPD testing and/or monitoring
  • Capable of OLPD surveying of outdoor switchyards (for corona and surface discharges) using the Outdoor Parabolic Receiver
  • Lightweight, portable and easy‑to‑use